How Psychotherapy can help with anxiety

It is natural to feel anxious when something unexpected or difficult is happening in our lives or worry about significant current or future life events.
Sometimes, however this can feel overwhelming and make an impact on our daily lives and relationships and we can experience bad anxiety, panic attacks and difficulty in sleeping or relaxing.
Sometimes these symptoms can be there, underlying how things are going in your life and a trigger like sudden change, bereavement can tip us into constant anxiety or panic. It can also occur in a more general way (generalised anxiety) where excessive worry can be the main thing in one’s life. Sometimes underneath that anxiety is an avoidance of more difficult emotions like grief, loss, sadness, trauma etc.
This can also mean that unless these underlying very important thoughts and feelings are addressed the anxiety can possibly get worse or take over one’s life and relationships with others.
Often unknowingly people do try to manage these anxieties by over working, exercising excessively or drug and alcohol use or misuse. Intrusive thoughts then can emerge and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can be a manifestation.
Psychotherapy is an effective and proven option for the treatment of anxiety, it can help identify what is triggering the anxiety. It is a safe place to explore how life experiences may have set up responses and ways of thinking and feeling that can be maladaptive.
Using Psychodynamic therapy to explore interpersonal and emotional issues is very effective for relief of the symptoms. As the feelings and emotions of anxiety are made more conscious and worked through in therapy the reward is the potential to also enjoy the heartfelt connection and love and the ability to say yes to life.
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